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The Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank

How does a bank this big fail? The answer might be more simple than you think. Are we in for more turmoil and will the contagion spread? Tune in to find out the reasons behind the regional banking scare and what investors need to know moving forward.

The Cost of Capital

In a world where everything is costing more, lots of changes start to develop. Tune is as the team breaks down what you need to know about the economy, the markets and everything in between.

What is Financial Planning?

In this episode, we delve into the topic of financial planning and explore how to find the right financial planner for your needs. We discuss the common pitfalls of the financial industry, including salespeople pushing the latest investment trends without considering their clients’ true financial goals. We provide insights on what to expect from a financial planner and how to evaluate your own financial needs. Tune in to learn how to make informed decisions and take control of your financial future.

4 Ways To Help Fight Inflation

Tuesdays aren’t just for tacos. Matt and Justin reveal an acronym that will revolutionize what you think of the next time someone mentions, “Taco Tuesday”. We are serving up a platter of financial tricks, tips and everything in-between.

Trends in the Market

David and Matt talk about how certain areas of the market can be popular for a season and less popular during others. As sectors rotate through and mean reversion plays its course…

The Big Mac Index

How do we measure inflation? Well, the cost of a Big Mac, obviously! All jokes aside, higher interest rates also provide opportunities for lending money with higher rates of return.

Can You Afford It?

David and Derek discuss strategies to improve our decision-making on whether an item is worth purchasing. Contrary to common assumption, life isn’t entirely about saving; sometimes, spending money is perfectly OK.

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