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Future College Tuition Today

Today's show provides quick, practical advice to help parents save for their child's college tuition. Learn tips, strategies, and insights from experts to make college savings simple and effective. Start securing your child's academic future now!

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Why Is It So Hard To Get Ahead These Days?

With inflation running hot and the middle class getting squeezed, how do we push through difficult times and overcome the financial adversity? Let’s explore the pain points and learn how we can be better investors.

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AI vs. 90’s Tech Bubble: Lessons for Smart Investing

Dive into the parallels between today’s AI hype and the late 90’s tech bubble. Discover similarities, differences, and valuable lessons for smart investing. Explore how historical trends can guide us in making smarter investment decisions amidst the current AI craze. Episode Highlights: AI’s transformative potential, economic disruptions, and cybersecurity risks, balancing its benefits with potential …

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Generational Money Perspectives

In this video, we'll explore how different generations view and manage money based on their historical experiences. From The Silent Generation to Gen Z, we'll discuss the unique perspectives each generation brings to money management.

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