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Controversial Investing Theories

How efficient is the stock market? Should you put all your money in at once? There are a lot of theories floating around, so lets take a look at what these theories mean and how investors can benefit from educating themselves on the way markets operate.

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How To Invest At The End Of The World

What does preparedness in the face of natural disasters and potential system-wide challenges look like? Join Littlejohn Financial as they unveil a curated list of items crucial for turbulent times. Tune in to ensure you're equipped for any unforeseen circumstances.

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Washington DC Gets Coal For Christmas

With so many politicians on the naughty list this year, rumors are whirling about sightings of Santa opting to shovel coal as he flew over the capital this Christmas Eve. Bad actions often bring about unfavorable consequences: we need more accountability. Catch our top take aways from 2023 as we wrap up the year.

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