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Let’s Get on the Same Page…… Literally!

Advice Starts Here

Reviewing your Asset-Map together allows us to uncover new opportunities that may not otherwise be recognized and quickly identify strategies that may need attention to elevate your financial condition.
Based on your goals and what the Asset-Map reveals, we can make key decisions together, take action, resolve problems, and ultimately plan a better path for your future. Because we can review your Asset-Map at every interaction, we can quickly track and visualize progress towards your goals.

Why Choose A CFP® Professional

Contrary to popular belief, not all financial planners are “certified.” Anybody can call themselves a financial planner. When giving financial advice to a client, a CFP® (Certified Financial Planner®) operates as a fiduciary and always acts in the customer’s best interests.
Knowing that we have your back, and won’t be attempting to “sell” you anything, should help you rest at ease knowing you haven’t been swindled by a quick-talking shyster.

Estate Planning

For our Financial Planning and Wealth Management clients only
Our goal is to provide a simple and secure solution for your future. An Estate Plan fulfills the legacy of a Financial Plan and creates a peace of mind that is irreplaceable. For our Financial Planning and Wealth Management clients only, we have developed a relationship where our office can coordinate information to help provide you with an estate plan in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner. Your estate plan is then prepared and reviewed in less than a week by leading industry professionals (estate planners/attorneys) to give you a professional estate plan.
We are proud to offer a cost-effective estate planning solution
Every plan that we coordinate has the ability to include information that addresses conduit language for IRA’s, opportunities to convert shares to a Special Needs Trust or postpone distribution in exceptional circumstances (example: drug use), state-specific requirements, flexibility plan for unknown changes in State and Federal Estate Tax Law, and more.
Trust Based Estate Plan Includes:

The Five Major Estate Questions

Beneficiaries – Who is going to get everything?
Method of Distribution – How are the beneficiaries going to get everything (ages, no restrictions, etc.)?
Trustee/Executor/Power of Attorney – Who will make financial decisions for you if you cannot?
Health Care POA – Who will make health care decisions for you if you cannot?
Guardian (if necessary) – Who will have physical custody of minor children?

47% of Americans say they would like an Estate Plan, but haven’t gotten around to it yet*

100% of Americans that have a completed or updated an out of date Estate Plan:
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