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When Should Savers Stop Saving?

True Wealth Podcast - Financial Podcast by Financial Advisors

There seem to be two kinds of people in the world – spenders and savers. Spenders usually need to learn how to save. But when is the right time for savers to spend? If you’re never going to spend the money, what kind of impact could you have? David and Justin tackle this question and more in this episode of True Wealth.

In this episode, you will learn the following :

  • The psychological barriers that prevent individuals from enjoying their finances.
  • Financial industry’s emphasis on wealth accumulation over strategic spending.
  • The balance between enhancing one’s lifestyle in retirement and planned giving to personal interests and charities.
  • Strategies for managing retirement income, including safe withdrawal rates and the role of insurance.
  • Financial implications of homeownership and the critical choice between self-insurance and the security of an annuity.
  • Risk management in the golden years and considers the impact of deep-seated beliefs on financial behaviors.
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