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Washington DC Gets Coal For Christmas

Financial Podcast by Financial Advisors

With so many politicians on the naughty list this year, rumors are whirling about sightings of Santa opting to shovel coal as he flew over the capital this Christmas Eve. Bad actions often bring about unfavorable consequences: we need more accountability. Catch our top take aways from 2023 as we wrap up the year.

In this episode, you will learn the following :

  • Balancing personal freedom with societal responsibility in a technologically and economically shifting landscape 
  • Personal finance strategies to secure retirement amidst economic challenges
  • The implications of quantum computing on industries, investments and the security of cryptocurrencies
  • Environmental and economic impact of advancements in transportation and energy
  • The role of traditional industries, like oil, in a future geared towards renewable energy
  • Disconnect between market trends and economic indicators, with markets rising despite recession predictions
  • Alarming state of personal savings and retirement planning in America
  • The potential of drone-based transportation systems and the challenges they pose, including regulatory and safety concerns
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