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Unlock the Secrets of Factor Investing!

Discover the various methods and approaches to market analysis in this insightful video. Learn all about factor investing and how it can enhance your investment strategy. Dive deep into the world of investment evaluation and broaden your financial knowledge today!

In this episode, you will learn the following :

  • The basics of factor-based investing and how it differs from asset class categorization.
  • The relationship between risk and expected rates of return using personal credit as an analogy.
  • The three-factor model which includes market capitalization, value versus growth investments and the book to market ratio.
  • How different investment factors such as beta, value and quality impact the volatility and potential returns of a stock.
  • The concept of the cost of capital, interest rates and their effects on consumers, businesses, and government spending. 
  • A comparison of how different sectors like technology and consumer staples deal with economic fluctuations.
  • The importance of having a strategy to weather financial storms. 
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