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Supercharge Your Wealth: Evaluate Your Portfolio Like a Pro

Financial Podcast by Financial Advisors

There are different ways to try and gauge your investment performance. Savvy investors should give their holdings a health check and reassess goals. Learn to identify some of the common mistakes of the impatient investor.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  • Understanding the importance of benchmarking: It is crucial to know how your investments are performing and compare them to other investments to gauge your progress.
  • Defining your goals and needs: Benchmarking should be based on what you want to achieve and what you need from your investments. Consider factors like desired returns, time horizon, and risk tolerance.
  • Choosing the right benchmark: Select a benchmark that aligns with your investment strategy and risk profile. Look for indexes or strategies that closely resemble your portfolio composition.
  •  Regularly reassess your risk tolerance: Your risk tolerance may change over time due to life events or market conditions. Revisit your risk assessment periodically to ensure your investments align with your current risk tolerance.
  •  Avoiding common investing mistakes: Be aware of common pitfalls such as expecting unrealistic returns, making emotional decisions, and not properly assessing risk. 
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