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Fixing the National Debt Problem

Financial Podcast by Financial Advisors

We examine the true extent of the nation’s debt as it continues to rise. Is it possible to solve the issue? Things may appear slightly differently than you would think.

In this episode, you will learn the following :

  • The complex issue of national debt, its potential consequences, and potential solutions.
  • Holding colleges accountable for part of student loan debt, highlighting the challenges that come with it.
  • Economic dilemmas faced by other heavily indebted countries, particularly in Western Europe.
  • Analyzing the $32.9 trillion national debt of the United States, comparing it with the debt of other nations and evaluating the concept of debt per citizen.
  • The importance of wise money management and investments to avoid unnecessary debt.
  • Economic fallout from the pandemic and the alarming rate of debt growth.
  • Potential solutions to rising government spending and national debt, such as increasing the retirement age, instituting a national sales tax, and overhauling the tax code.
  • The role of partisanship in these discussions and its impact on society.
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