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2023’s Triumphs and 2024’s Promises: What’s in Store?

Financial Podcast by Financial Advisors

Although we are not in possession of a miraculous crystal ball that can see into the future, we may utilize technical and basic patterns to guide our decision-making. Don’t pass up this fascinating viewpoint that you should hear.

In this episode, you will learn the following :

  • The viability of systems built on debt and consider the possibility of a total system collapse.
  • The role and power of industry giants like BlackRock, Fidelity, and Vanguard in financial systems.
  • The fundamentals of financial systems, discussing concepts of analysis and the market’s fluctuating nature.
  • Scrutinize the recent market recovery and the rapid change in narrative from panic to near all-time highs.
  • Examines the role of derivatives in the market and their potential effects on the economy.
  • Following the money to understand the motives behind certain actions and events, and to uncover fraudulent activities.
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