Bumper Boats

As the markets move around and interest rates are in limbo, David and Matt look at all of the conflicting news articles and try to use data to make educated predictions as to what the likely outcomes are from here. Is now the time to buy equities, bonds or fixed income products? Though we might not know with certainty, the evidence suggests…

Election Day

The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting a different result. David and Matt have a field day talking politics in the lead-up to the vote tally. How will the market react and what do these elections mean for investors?

Me, Matt & Madi

David and Matt take a back seat to financial guru, Madison Littlejohn who gives us some pretty high level answers to our numerous financial questions. This high school freshman manages to rock and roll through the Q&A session. Learn some useful questions to spark financial conversations with your teenager on this unique broadcast.

Don’t Take the ‘L’

Ok, we get it, the market has been stinking it up. Fear is in the air. But there is a silver lining: bad news has become good news! How so you ask? Well tune in as David, Matt and Derek talk about how if you hold the line, own the same amount of shares and are buying more while the market is low, you might wake up in the future and thank yourself for not making a bad mistake.

Speed and Velocity

There is a big elephant in the room: and it just so happens the elephant is hurting our chances at a soft economic landing. David gets right to the point as he breaks down the ugly truth about the Federal reserves battle to curve inflation. What or who is the elephant in the room? Tune in and find out!