Tactical Investment Management

Our investment process isn’t just ‘buy, hold, and hope’ for the best. We take an active approach to monitoring economic conditions and adjusting our clients’ investment portfolios to try and take advantage.

Sometimes Tactical Investing means buying things. Sometimes it means selling things. Sometimes it means changing how much we’re buying or selling (or allocation weightings to various asset classes and specific holdings). The point is, it’s a more involved process of assessing the ongoing market conditions and adapting our strategy to try and maximize the amount or reward we can seek out for the amount of risk we have to take. We don’t use a “set it and forget it” approach to investing.

Tactical Investment Management

Note: Lawyers tell us we must clarify that the graphic above is a fictional investment
and represents no actual guarantee or performance.
You can probably already tell this, but we still have to say it.

Our Investment Philosophy

In order to be an investor, one must be invested. But the reward for taking risk is not the same in all market conditions. Our investment process attempts to manage the constantly changing investment landscape by adapting our strategies with the emerging trends. If risks increase, we seek defense. If risk subsides, we seek more offensive.

The process is driven by artificial intelligence, neural networking, and some math, statistics, research, and professional experience all get thrown in the mix too.



We try to generate profits without taking too much risk; and we do it by being willing to sell some or all of the investments we own as the investment conditions change.